Saturday, November 3

Knocked Up

At work quickly for some work (quickly collecting some 48 hours supernatants from a stimulation experiment I set up on Thursday) & then running off to see the Arsenal v ManU match followed by seeing Knocked Up . . . busy busy day - LOL

UPDATE (19.52) saw knocked up - it's hysterical - i highly recommend it - not just a stupid teen movie! AND arsenal tied manchester united 2-2 - yeah!!!!!!!!! arsenal are on a great streak now after thierry henry has left - i reckon he was a bit too much relied on & so the other players didn't play to their full potenial so if he was off the whole team sucked, but now they're playing as a real team & are doing soooo much better - i'm really excited about it - if you get a chance to see the game it was ruddy good one!!

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At 05 November, 2007 14:42, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Knocked Up" was cute, we liked it as well. Although it took a long time to get since all the zillion copies were out every time we went to rent it!


At 05 November, 2007 18:27, Blogger Sara said...

yeah it's still in the theatres here so we got the full BIG screen effect :)


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