Thursday, November 1

NaBloPoMo starts today!

well first day of bloggin & already outta ideas, super busy in the lab with experiments I can't talk about - ya know don't wanna get scooped, not that any of you do Bps research, but hey ya never know and I'm starting to realise the problems I'm gonna encounter with keeping up this month without the Internet at home & with traveling for the last 2 weeks, but oh well, you win some you lose some . . . so I guess I will just wish ya'll a happy November!!!



At 02 November, 2007 19:22, Anonymous susiej said...

I start today too. Gosh, I wish you could talk about those experiments. They sound verrrrry interesting.

At 03 November, 2007 11:28, Blogger Sara said...


Maybe I'll try to talk about a few of them . . . will have to give a think about that. In the mean time I think I'm gonna focus on differences between the US & UK


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