Tuesday, June 12

where to begin

So it's been awhile since I last wrote, not sure what all I've been doing that made me forget to post anything, let's see . . .

Thursday night - dad & I tried an Ethiopian restaurant in Tufnell Park on Fortess Road called Lalibela and had our dessert of strawberry shortcake (made with shortbread) in Muswell Hill - yummers!

Friday - rather long busy day at work (till 18.45) and then got a take away curry to eat at home while watching a movie

Saturday - slept in, did a load of laundry, texted the gimpster (as I'm now calling Rob) to see if he needed anything from Tescos - got a rather large txt reply back with his grocery list (red Thai chilies, onions, loo roll, kitchen roll, milk (semi-skim), white bread, fresh prawns, chicken breasts, basmati rice, fairy liquid, coconut milk, spring onions, red peppers, pudding (aka dessert), Irish medium cheese, 2 tins of beans, tomato ketchup), had my lunch while finished watching the movie I'd fallen asleep watching the night before - went to Tescos to pick up everything which the Gimpster wanted & delivered it to the flat only to find him & Jim sprawled out on their respective couches in only their underwear (albeit the weather was rather warm) watching a movie - I dropped the carrier bags full of food & refused to put anything away since Jim obviously could have done this shopping for them! The Gimpster made us a great dinner (all from scratch) of Thai hot & sweet soup with prawns for a starter, chicken curry for our main, and tirimisu for dessert (that was pre-made & ruddy good I might add) I did all the washing up, finished watching the movie & headed home. On the way to the bus stop I realised it was such a nice night I might as well walk home & stop at Tescos on the way so I could pick up my groceries, so I did.

Sunday - met up with MissyLou & Jeremy at 10.30 for coffee, then met up with dad's mate Jerry for lunch. After that we walked through Kensington Gardens (past the Orangery and the Albert Memorial) and all the way up to Hyde Park Corner. From there we got a #9 bus to the Strand & walked over to the Thames to get a drink on the Queen Mary so we could enjoy the sun some more. We proceeded to The Maple Leaf for some fish & chips before going our separate ways - I was ruddy knackered & my feet hurt (I'd worn my flip flops forgetting I might be touring Jerry around London)

Monday - busy morning on FlowJo to analyse my flow cytometry experiment from Friday, lunch outside in the sun, read Shabaana's IL-23/17 paper in Nature Immunology for journal club on Friday, chatted with my co-worker Anna since we were bored, window shopping on Oxford Street gone wrong when I purchased a pair of shoes! Met up with John, Adilson, and Dad for a really LATE dinner - I didn't get home till 01.00, which didn't make me happy considering I knew I had to get up at 06.17 today :(

So far today . . . rode on bus, signed up for a slot in the afternoon run of the autoclave, checked my emails, ya know really important & fun stuff (ha ha ha) oh yeah and waiting for my "new" collagenase to arrive for batch testing . . . see the fun never ends here in L'town.


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