Friday, June 1

A few things

I bet you never knew and probably don't give a care about either, but hey it's Friday & I don't have much else to report aside from the fact that I've got to help write up an IL-10 Bps paper with Anna - fun fun fun :)

So back to my original point . . . how many of you know all the boroughs in London? There are 32 plus the city center. Interesting facts, each borough has a police force with a few stations in them. When you see a PC (police constable) you can tell where s/he is from & what his/her rank is by the letters and numbers on his/her shoulder. The first letter is rather hard to figure out on your own since it was put into the system a long time ago & does not really correlate with the names of areas now, but you just learn that N for Islington, S for Barnet, E for Camden, and Y is for Haringey, etc the second letter has to do with which station you work out of, so EK would be for Camden's Kentish Town station, YM would be for Haringey's Muswell Hill station, EH is Camden's Hampstead station. Then there is the issue of the number which follows these letters, so a one or two digit number denotes a sergeant, a three digit number denotes a constable, and a four digit number beginning with 7 denotes a PCSO - apparently I would want to be a PCSO since we all know I'm a bit obsessed with the number 7 ;) So for example (NI = Islington), Jim is NI-532 and Rob is NI-221 while their skipper (Sergent) is NI-19. I don't know any PCSOs to give you an example - will have to try to expand my police friend network.
So that is my Friday morning interesting fact for all of you who were bored enough to read it all. I'm off to play with FlowJo to learn if my cells did produce any IFNgamma or not (fingers crossed they do), then to help Anna with the manuscript, and finally to meet with my boss to talk about all these fun things :)
TGIF . . .



At 03 June, 2007 17:03, Anonymous Mommio said...

fascinating things about you. Love it. Beautiful day here in bike-friendly Portland. Just about to go out for a ride before baking brownies for Sally's birthday--she's going to help me bake! Have a great day, dear one.

Love, Mommio


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