Tuesday, June 5

Bob, Patrick, dinner, Equus, and bed

That was my night last night. I left work around 16.20 to walk down to the Strand Palace Hotel where dad was booked in for the night. I met him in the Mask Bar which is hidden in the rear of the hotel. With him was Bob from NY & Patrick from London. We had a quick drink, before heading to the hotel restaurant for dinner - we had the carvery - yummers :)

After dinner Patrick, Dad & I hopped on a bus to Picadilly Circus where dad & I went to the theartre & Patrick continued on to Oxford St for some shopping. We saw the play, Equus starring Daniel Radcliffe who is the stars as Harry in the Harry Potter movies. I had no clue what it was about, which I think might have been a good thing or I reckon I might not have necessarily wanted to see it. It was really great, but it's very emotionally draining - I think.

After the play was done, Dad & I walked to Leicester Square got him an oyster card & then I pointed him in the right direction to talk home & I jumped on the northern line up to Archway before getting the bus home.

A bit knackered today since I was up rather late & of course when I got home I checked my email since my computer was on & got chatting with a friend - Bad Ra!!!!!

In other exciting news, Paris Hilton is finally in jail. I really love this part, "Meanwhile the waxwork museum Madame Tussaud's in London has taken the opportunity to mock the celebrity socialite. The wax mannequin of the star has been temporarily dressed in a black and white striped prison suit." How fantastic is that?!?!?!



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