Monday, June 4


I just got a phone call at my desk - I think it's maybe the first one I've ever gotten aside from that time I called it to test it out. Guess who it was . . . my dad . . . he's safely arrived in London - he's visiting for the week :) I'm going to meet him at his hotel at 5pm, so now I'm just trying to pass the next 15 minutes before I can start to head out. I was suppose to have a meeting with my boss but he's still in another meeting about the 3rd edition of his textbook with John Playfair, so I reckon I'll be meeting with him tomorrow. In the mean time I'm a bit bored - did lots of experiments last week & have analysed them all to the best of my ability, but there are a few places I could go from here so I want to double check with him before I go off & order £400 of reagents & then find out he wants me to do something different.

Well I'm off to the toilet & then gonna walk to the lab & back just to look like I've done something productive today, aside from sending personal emails & playing on facebook - managed to get my co-worker hooked on it but that was a disaster, she found her 1st ever boyfriend (from when she was 13) and found out he's married with kids & so now she feels old & unaccomplished - not really sure how having a PhD makes you unaccomplished but whatever!! I did spend all morning from 8:30-13:30 on FlowJo analysis, the day was not a total waste.


At 04 June, 2007 19:05, Blogger Susan said...

Have a great time with your dad!

At 05 June, 2007 07:31, Anonymous mommio said...

Hi Sara and Peter,

Have a ball.

Love, Mommio,latewif

At 05 June, 2007 07:34, Blogger BRAINCHEESE said...

WooHoo! Family in town...I imagine for some, that might cause cringes of pain...but it sounds like this is an extra special event for you.

BTW, I loved the line about walking to the lab and back to look productive! LOL

Linda D. in Seattle
(tried to post this comment earlier, but the site wouldn't take if there are TWO, I apologize...sort of...)


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