Wednesday, June 6

quick one

So dad & I had dinner at my place last night - he got to meet Zarina & Antonio. After dinner, he checked his email & Antonio dropped him back at his hotel (after we stopped to top up his SIM card so he could have use of my old mobile today).

When I got home Jim called to say hi & see if we could get together, but looks like his schedule (yet again) sucks. He also mentioned that Rob was in hospital & might have broken his foot. We got off the phone so I could go to sleep & about an hour later Rob called . . . he indeed did break his foot. He had climbed up over a wall to catch a person who was running away & when he finally landed on the person, there was a bit of a struggle & Rob's foot got broken & the person's arm got broken. Luckily it's not a big break - just a fractured metatarsal, so he's not in a cast, just on crutches & off work for 6 weeks.

Dad & I were going to have dinner in the city tonight but since Rob's injured I thought it might be nice to bring dinner up to theirs instead, so that's the plan. Dad is out at the London Bridge & Tower London today and will be meeting me here at LSHTM around 17.15.

That's all folks ;)


At 07 June, 2007 00:54, Anonymous mother o said...

oh, Rob, too bad about your metatarsal. Feel better and enjoy your time off.

Hugs, Mother O


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