Thursday, May 31

Thursday Thirteen #8

Thirteen Things about me - random bits/habits

1. My alarm clock has to end in the number 7, so I can wake up at 06.07, 06.17, 06.27, etc, just as long as the final number is 7

2. On that same 7 theme, the volume on the telly has to end in 7 as well

3. I have a horribly bad habit of cracking my knuckles, so much so it's now to the point of unconscious to me

4. I typically sleep on my side with my back to the wall, front facing the door, unless someone else is in the room, then I can face the wall - it's just in case someone comes into the room I want to be able to see who it is without moving around too much.

5. I love hot chocolate - it's what I call a comfort food/drink

6. I have to wash my hair in the morning before work or I feel dirty all day long.

7. I really like to sit in the window seat, buses, planes, etc - I think this comes from my tendency to get motion sickness.

8. I have a huge fear of anything almond flavoured or almond smelling - I got sick in 2nd grade after eating marzipan - I reckon it wasn't related but it's the last thing I remember eating so I associate the two together.

9. I cut my finger nails about once a week - I enjoy long nails but they don't tend to go so well in latex gloves & nothing is more annoying than popping your glove with a long nail!!

10. Once the weather becomes close to being nice out I HAVE to have my toe nails painted - even if I'm stuck in trainers all day.

11. I have to delete or move into a folder all emails so that I have a maximum of 20 on the opening page - any more than that & I get a bit anxious.

12. I check my diary/calendar at least 5x a day, even when I know there is nothing on it

13. I sleep with the window open or a fan on 90% of the time - I like the fresh air, even when it's freakin freezing out ;)

In other news, what is up with people not washing their hands after using the loo, I mean especially at a work place which is called the London School of HYGIENE & TROPICAL MEDICINE - I mean of all the places, we should know better, right?!?!?! Oh this really does my head in. But I'm trying to think positively, so I'm thinking about my holiday to the states in a few months - yeah :)
AND to set the record straight, Jim & I are not dating, we're just "best mates" as he would say. We've been talking since we met about taking a trip to the states and that's what August is all about. I'm not bringing him home for "approval" or anything like that - don't you think I would have blogged about it if we'd started dating?!?!? Yes, we do have a "history," we did date for 5 months, but we were able to make a mutual mature decision to just be friends & luckily we've been able to remain best buds! He is a true friend! When I've talked in the past about friends who don't stay in touch once you're not in their immediate presence, well he & Rob are not that type - the three of us spoke at least once a week for the 6 months I was home in the states waiting for a work permit. We've built a very strong friendship & nothing can take that away! I feel honoured to be their called their "best mate" and incredibly lucky to have met them both, it's not often you find best friends who stick with you through thick & thin. Okay, just wanted to clean that slate since some people seemed to be a bit confused.



At 31 May, 2007 14:16, Anonymous SusieJ said...

OK, you could write a whole post on that 7 thing - where did that come from? And when you check your calendar -- do you remember the appointments. (I check, but still forget.) I like Hot chocolate too -- but I'm switching to ovaltine. Do you drink it in the summer?

At 31 May, 2007 14:33, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who thought you and Jim were together??? Darn people. LOL.
I sleep with a fan, but it's for the white noise. I'm a neurotic, OCD freak and have been since birth really. And my number is three. But I don't have the alarm clock thing for sure, just lots of other weird things.

-Shann (Bsmommy99-LOL)

At 31 May, 2007 17:25, Blogger Sara said...

SJ - I still forget the appts, I have a habit of looking at my watch & then someone will ask me the time & I realise I have looked at it but nothing really registered and yes, I drink hot coco year round!

At 31 May, 2007 19:49, Anonymous Zee said...

I do #11 too - I can't STAND having extraneous emails in my inbox! I also like to sleep with a fan on - both for the white noise and because I like the fresh air.

And yes, please explain the #7 thing!!

At 01 June, 2007 09:42, Blogger BRAINCHEESE said...

Love your list of "eccentricities"...mainly because I also do half of them. Well, not the #7 thing, because ah...well...guess I'd better stop typing now...LOL

Linda D. in Seattle

At 01 June, 2007 14:48, Blogger jen said...

my friend cameron has a weird number thing too, and also it affects how she sets her alarm clock. i can't remember exactly what the deal is, but i think she has to set it so the last two numbers are a prime number? i know she LOVES the number 17.

At 01 June, 2007 15:49, Blogger Sara said...

Thanks Jen, glad to hear there are others like me out there, now I know I'm not a TOTAL freak!


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