Wednesday, May 30

Bees & your help

Who knew that bees where so smart or for that matter maybe kinda stupid since they are confusing the smell of TNT with food - I don't reckon that TNT would smell much like food to be, but then again I've never smelled it, so maybe I'm wrong. Do you think Animal Rights Activists get mad when you use bees for things like this - I'm sure they're not happy about rats or dogs, but would bees be included?

Here's where I need your help, I've just received a new rucksack (aka backpack) which is totally awesome, but it already has a monogram on it which isn't mine, so I'm trying to come up with a good saying to go with it. The letters are, A.J.L., any suggestions?


At 30 May, 2007 11:13, Blogger BRAINCHEESE said...

Always Jolly and Laughing?

A "Jilted" (obviously spelled wrong) Lover?

Ahhh...I got nothin'...LOL

Linda D. in Seattle


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