Wednesday, June 13

Miss PH

So I'm happy to see Paris Hilton is going back to jail - I know that sounds harsh, but can you imagine if I'd driven drunk, gotten caught by police & then just been slapped on the back of the hand for punishment? NO WAY, I would have had to do jail time or pay some outrageous fine or something. But b/c she's a celebrity heiress and suffering an unspecified medical condition she's allowed to serve her time under house arrest - WTF?!?!?! I mean after the DWI she was told not to drive & then drove & got caught so who's to say she's going to stay at home when told if she can't even not drive for a few months - I mean HELLO she's rich enough to have a driver take her places, so why did she drive in the first place? Because she feels she's above the law . . . because she has been able to buy her way out of everything her whole life . . . because she's never had to be held accountable for anything she's ever done . . . because she's a Hilton . . . . because she's a celebrity . . . because she's just too stupid to follow simple directions . . . or just plain old all of the above.

Alrighty, no more ranting about stupid people, cause we all know the rant could go on for a long time if we start listing all of em out there!

So my work week this week really sucks - don't worry I still love my job. The problem being I'm waiting for supplies to arrive AND with one of our labs being rebuilt I'll have to trek all over London if/when it arrives, which okay I'm over that problem, until I discover that the frozen stocks of irradiated bacteria I need were all used up on Monday morning by a post doc in the lab who apparently thought her test of a protocol was so important she could use up the last 15 vials for a practice run - what's that about?!?!? So this means I cannot do anything until next Thursday (as in a week from tomorrow) at 11.00 when the next batch will be ready . . . UGH I dislike science at times! I don't mind a day or two of down time, but 1.5 weeks is a bit much if you ask me! Sorry I'm ranting again . . . okay I better go & read yet another paper.



At 14 June, 2007 09:03, Blogger BRAINCHEESE said...

I don't know WHAT kind of bacteria you are referencing but...maybe whoever took all of your supplies will "come down" with something?!? I know that sounds harsh but, a little "Montezuma's Revenge" never killed anyone, did it?!?

Linda D. in Seattle, WA, USA


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