Monday, May 21

Andrew & Naomi visit

Friday night was pretty uneventful - had dinner at home & watched a DVD.

Woke up Saturday, showered, cleaned the bathroom, and headed into central London to meet up with Andrew (NU '07) & Naomi (NU '08) and my mate Rob at the rear entrance to the British Museum. Andrew is in town on his way to France for a special project on Normandy & Norwich University. Naomi is in town just for a few days holiday on her way back to the states, she's been studying in Germany for the past 3 months. We went to a pub for the traditional fish & chips lunch. From there we walked down to St James Park, past Buckingham Palace, over to the Thames where we stopped for some Pim's with lemonade on the Queen Mary (boat which is a pub now). From there we went back to their hostel & got a suit case of Andrew's to bring up to my place so he wouldn't have to lug it all the way to France & back (he's staying at mine for a few days next week on his way back through to the states). It was getting close to dinner time at this point so we decided to go for a curry. We went down to Angel & got a really nice curry - which we all enjoyed a lot. From there we walked to Kings Cross to make it easier for everyone to get home.

Sunday, I was suppose to go to a rugby game of the Wasps vs. Leicester, but Jim really wanted to go as did Rob so I let them go since I had gotten the tickets for free from a friend at work. Instead I stayed home, did some laundry, read outside in the sun & chatted with Estee. I left around 16.45 in order to meet up with Naomi, Jim & Rob for dinner. At 17.50 Rob called to say they were running late & could we just meet up at WalkAbout in Soho. So after picking up Naomi, we jumped on the tube over to the west end. We stayed there for a few hours before moving on to O'Neil's on Wardour St. FINALLY at half 12 I said I HAD to go home, as I was the only one who had to work in the morning & knowing it was going to take over an hour to get home & I was already bloody knackered! While waiting for the bus, one person who shall remain nameless but has the initials BJS got impatient waiting & just hailed a black cab home to the tune of £35 ($70) - I guess I can't complain I didn't pay for it & it got us home much faster. BUT in typical J&R style we got chatting & didn't get to bed until really really late, so I'm not feeling so awake today & just want to crawl back into my bed/their couch!

You might be wondering why I am staying with Jim & Rob since I have my own place, but since Estee's mum is in town, I offered to go and stay with them so she could have my room instead of bunking on the floor. So that's where I'm sleeping this week - never a dull moment in my wee lil world :)

Hope you all had a good weekend - anyone do anything really exciting - like go to Prague as my co-worker did?!?!?!

On a side note, one thing I love about this country is when I read things like this: "Piccadilly Line: Suspended between Kings Cross and Arnos Grove due to a person under a train at Turnpike Lane. Minor delays are occurring on the rest of the line." Why exactly do they think we need to know these details??


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