Sunday, May 13


this is the photo I meant to put up yesterday to show you how scary they truly are!!!

Snooze, is the word I'm going to use to describe today . . . woke up at 09.00, got outta bed at 10.00, eat breakfast, showered, talked to Louise & Jeremy about whether they wanted beef or chicken, and went to Tescos to buy all the supplies for tacos. When I got home Estee wanted to go to Brent Cross Shopping Center so we hopped in the car, but after getting on the north circular, the traffic came to an abrupt sluggish speed, come to find out there is a football match at Wembly Stadium, so we bailed on shopping & just went to Golders Green for some "Jewish" food as she called it (really all this means is finding a kosher cafe so she can have meat). After lunch we came home & did bugger all until I got a text message from Louise at around 16.00 saying she was still rather hung over from the hen do last night. So I bailed on cooking for dinner, reheated the salmon & rice I made on Friday night & made a nice salad as well with the fresh tomatoes I'd bought for the tacos. There is nothing I love more than a fresh tomato - just ask Maureen W who introduced me to one of my favourite sandwiches - I use to go to Bob & Maureen's house for a dinner of tomatoes on toast - in rereading that last section I think wow, tomato sandwiches is all it takes to impress me, I sound like such a loser - LOL

In good news, I spoke to Jim tonight & he said he definitely wants to go the US, so keep those fingers crossed that we can figure out cheap tickets, since the website I was thinking of using said taxes included but it neglected to tell you that petrol surcharges where another £90 each way, making the cheap tickets in the normal range :(


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