Monday, May 14

A dose a day will do ya

A friend sent me this photo of the world & I think it's really cool - I'd never seen it from this angle before & to me it makes America look tiny - I think schools should start showing this map off, maybe Americans wouldn't become such ego maniacs.

Interesting research going on at Queen Mary's & Imperial College so be sure you get your daily dose of Vit D, especially if you're going to be in an area where TB is high :)

Aside from that I have nodda to report, I'm sorry!


At 14 May, 2007 18:51, Anonymous Zee said...

High doses of Vit. D have been shown to keep people from getting MS, too. And for those people who have MS already, it's been shown to help keep relapses at bay! I'm on 2000 IUs a day of the stuff, thanks to me naturopath. :) I wonder what it is about Vitamin D that helps ward this stuff off? (Maybe I should read the article. Heh.)


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