Friday, May 18

snails & flossing

Bet that title got you wondering . . . NO not together, just two things I'm going to talk about today - I'm running out of catchy titles, sorry!

On my way out the door today what did almost step on . . . a freaking snail - I swear they are everywhere now that the weather is rainy all the time & I'm starting to worry they are after me. Nobody else in the house sees them all over the place like I do, wtf is up with this?!?!?!

Dental floss - a very important part of dental care, which I reckon is neglected a lot of the time. I say this because it always seems to be an item that never runs out at your local Boots shop. You're probably wondering why I say this, but if you think back to the last time you went into a Boots store & were looking for toothpaste, toothbrush, face cream etc, did you not notice how at least 1 of the items on the list was either not there or very low in supply? I did - they rarely seem to have my favourite toothpaste (even though the sticker is on the shelve) there is just an empty space where they use to be - I've learned when I see it to buy in bulk, probably throws the sales person off when they see me purchase 3 tubes of toothpaste & only 1 bottle of shampoo & 1 bottle of conditioner, but hey, gives them something to think about while mindlessly checking me out.

Okay back to my point, I don't think people use floss as much as they should . . . albeit, for a long time I was not a fan of flossing either, but ever since the discovery of Glide floss I rather enjoy it. I also reckon that since moving to a country which is not well known for it's dental hygiene I think I've become a bit more obsessed with my dental care. Touch wood, I've never actually had a cavity - I had a tooth that never fully grew in properly which they had to put a filling in, but aside from that my mouth is 100% pure. I'm sure it's in part to the mass amounts of money my parents paid while I was growing up - I don't want to think after all those dental visits, orthodontist appts & years of braces what my mouth is worth, but I won't be seriously playing any sports where a ball/puck could come flying up & knock them out anytime soon! I've heard too many horror stories about hockey pucks & front teeth - if you haven't & are intrigued ask Jim the next time you see him about his hockey days . . . ouch, makes my mouth hurt just thinking about it.

Here are some tips in case you were wondering if you were flossing correctly. So what are your thoughts on flossing, tooth brushing, or just dental hygiene, in general. Patty no need to reply - I/we all know you're OBSESSED with it ;)



At 18 May, 2007 15:13, Blogger jen said...

arg, thanks, i really didn't need any more flossing guilt!

At 18 May, 2007 16:21, Blogger PCS said...

You need to hang out in a Schisto lab more. I'm sure there must be someone at LSHTM raising snails to infect with Schisto. Go there and learn to appreciate the little buggers. Did you know they have lines of snails that are either susceptible or resistant to schisto infection?


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