Saturday, May 12


Defined as "a persistent, abnormal, and unwarranted fear of slime"

I bet you're wondering what that's all about . . . My sister screams her head off if she sees a spider and ES totally freaks if he sees snakes but for the past 29 years I've never thought of myself as really scared of anything, until last night!! While sitting in the kitchen chatting with Estee & Giulia last night I discovered something I'm afraid of, the damn snails that are all over the place when it rains. I was under the misconception that snails live near lakes & oceans, but apparently they can live in cities as well, WTF (as my mom might say - lol). I remember when I was little Patty & I use to go into the "deep" water, pick the snails to put in a bucket, and I was never scared then, but just seeing them all over the place last night just gave me the chills, so much that I had to close the curtain so I couldn't see them anymore.

Phobias can be so strange . . .arachnophobia, ophidiophobia, paraskavedekatriaphobia, and emetophobia I can understand all of those, but myxophobia (aka blennophobia) seems a bit silly when I actually think about it, but the snails on the deck & walkway really threw me for a loop. This morning when I went down to get my breakfast & it wasn't raining out (finally) the first thing I did before starting the kettle was to look to see if the 5 snails I'd seen last night were still around - LUCKILY they were all gone :) When Estee got home tonight she saw me sitting by the sliding door & commented on how the snails must be gone if I'm able to sit there - LOL.

Just to let you know in thinking about it I think I'd be just as scared of slugs, since they are both members of the mollusk group and are similar with the exception in that slugs lack an external shell.

Well that's my 2 cents for you today. Hope you're having a good weekend!!



At 13 May, 2007 07:09, Anonymous Zee said...

So you won't be ordering any escargot the next time you're in Paris, then? :-)

I think the only thing I'm truly frightened of to the point of phobia is bees (Apiphobia). Most specifically yellow jackets (HATE HATE HATE them!) but I pretty much avoid most bees as much as possible. Ick... just talking about those icky yellow jackets makes my skin crawl! EW!

At 13 May, 2007 15:33, Anonymous Mommio said...

Blattodephobia, kind of a made up fear of cockroaches, is mine. When Dad and I were first married and living in the old apartment house where cockroaches were always ready to find a new pathway, I was on a stepladder, putting dishes on the top shelf when a cockroach came slithering along. I really screamed! Only time I think I've screamed over such a thing. Like Zee, just writing about them makes me feel creepy-skin-crawly. Ewieeeeeeeee!

At 14 May, 2007 03:21, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know's BATS! But I remember ES and his freaky fear of snakes. He has gotten better though, from what I remember of last summer. :)


At 14 May, 2007 20:45, Anonymous Amanda said...

Dom had loads of snails in their garden in Brixton last year. We weren't allowed to kill them (not that I cared to anyway) because Jess said it wasn't humane. Meanwhile they ate all of Tom's lettuce. Highest of high comedy!


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