Tuesday, April 3

Speedy Trains

At what speed to you reckon "too fast" is on land travel?? Well this morning in France a train went 356mph, setting a world record for trains on conventional rails (the Japanese can get up to 361 on a levitation train system.) click here for more details on that story.

Yesterday I posted a quote & while reading Carmi's blog this morning I realized (to me at least) that he had posted a photo which sort of confirmed what the quote meant to me, check it out here.

Had lab meeting this morning which was Tash's journal club & then I started a stimulation of lymphocytes with gamma irradiated Bps, heat killed LM and IL-12/18 - this experiment has two arms to it, A) get me back into the lab & make sure I know where things are & how the protocols work and B) help Anna confirm her data by repeating what she's done, but doesn't really believe. So that's my work life at the moment. On Thursday I'm doing a gamma ELISA on my supernatants from last week.

Has anyone ever had a Super Dickmann's??? This treat consists of a rounded chocolate shell covering a marshmallow-foam interior, with a crispy wafer providing the base - most similar to a mallomar, BUT the foam interior is 3x as high as a mallowmar and sits on a thinner wafer, not a graham cracker. Dan from Ulrich's lab just got back from Germany last night & brought us in a box to try out - rather good if you ask me, but then again I think if you cover it in sugar or chocolate I'm bound to enjoy it!


At 03 April, 2007 16:16, Anonymous Zee said...

Oh yeah, anything marshmallowy covered with chocolate is bound to be good! They have the BEST treats in Europe... Speaking of, remember to pick yourself up a Crunchie the next time you're in the supermarket. They are my very favoritest British candy. (And if you hate them, well, just bring them back to the US for ME the next time you come. HA! ;-)

At 03 April, 2007 18:38, Anonymous mommio said...

I liked Carmi's story about the man under the deconstruction. He writes well. And of course, the ideas make one stop and think.

I tried to find Mallomars one day but I guess they're not made anymore. Loved the chomping on the disappearing Dickmann's. Ooo! Would love one.

Love Mommio

At 04 April, 2007 02:37, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mommio there still are Mallomars!!! Sometimes they have them in the drug store. But they aren't quite as good as the Mallo Cups. I love those.

I agree Sara, I liked Carmi's story too...it made me think. I feel very grateful every day because I know that having a home, a job and my beautiful little girl are more than lots of people have...and I rejoice in that.


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