Monday, April 2

slowly settling in

Let's start with this really cool news, okay back to my personal news now . . .

So I spent most of last night putting clothes away & finding homes for all of my stuff. I think it's 90% set, just have a few boxes left to open with coats, a dressing gown (aka bath robe), and jumpers (aka sweaters). Pete added this link in a comment the other day about the area which I'll be living in. The bus ride takes about 40 minutes on the 134 bus (which drops me just outside of LSHTM), especially as a lot of the roads have bus routes which helps a lot!!! Last year the bus took me about 20 minutes, so not really that much longer. I must admit I like MH much better than I did Kentish Town, not that KT is bad, just not as quaint as MH & much quieter at night for sleeping!!

I don't have much to report, yesterday morning I returned the rental car to Camden (driving all alone) without any problems (yeah me). When I got home Estee & I did some window shopping in Crouch End, before checking out Ally Pally (aka Alexandra Palace) and then heading off to Tesco's to get some matza since Estee is Jewish & Passover starts tonight at sundown, but unfortunately for us, it closed at 4pm & we arrived right around 3.55pm!

Last night Julia, Estee & I had dinner together & then all went to organize our rooms. At 9pm Estee came running down to my room because she wanted me to see this BBC1 show about an American family that goes to funerals of troops & protests with signs that say, "fag troops" and "God hates America" - I did not understand what this was all about but it's scary that these people exist!! Luckily it's a small family & non of the children are allowed to marry so they won't be procreating anytime soon! Just tried to find it on line but can't recall the program name, all you really need to know is they are CRAZY & it made me sad to see the show!!

Before I go, let me tell you that I seem to have caught the cold that everyone at work has/had. I thought maybe since I had a cold when I arrived I'd be able to avoid this one, but apparently the UK common cold is different enough that I'm getting it :( My ears are feeling kinda funny & my throat hurts & just sorta feel all sluggish - hope this goes away fast!!!



At 03 April, 2007 14:12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

so gald you are settled in. great accomplishment. sorry about the cold but it will pass....

love dad


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