Wednesday, August 2

Thank goodness for kids who don't go to bed when suppose to

Check out this article, the place they are talking about use to be the general store that I went to every Saturday on my day off from boy scout camp, we'd stop there on our way to Lake George, since we typically took the "back" way to I-87 so we'd hit up Daby's General Store instead of Stewart's.

Here are some photos Anna sent me (she's still working at BS camp) of what the building looks like now :( It was somelike like 111 years old! well I'll have to post them later, blogger isn't letting me access them - there are some good photos with the article as well.

High temps have finally subsided for the mo & that makes it much easier here in London. Interestingly since then none of my experiments have worked out very well, maybe all that extra heat was helpful for something, lol.

I'd discovered another interesting thing . . . since announcing that I've gotten a job offer to stay here in London, I've stopped hearing from some of my mates back home in the states, I'm very sad by this. First off, nothing is official yet I'm waiting on work permits & to hear back from other jobs that I'm applying for. Second, aren't you suppose to want your best mates to be happy? Not like I'm never coming home, plus so many changes have taken place in all of our lives, it's not like life was going to back to the way it was when I left last summer. Thirdly, oh crap I forgot this point now, well it will come back to me eventually, I hope (It must be a Rowfully Bubble moment, gotta love our mums, right AI?!?!? ;) Yeah well I can't remember my final point but I just wanted to throw it out there that it's been strange, there are of course some people who are thrilled (SPC, AM, DM, DS, PMO, PSO, MJO, BH, DB, K&RS, K&LF, PU&DC, H&EM, M,B,B&MW, and DM) and want me to do what I think is best.

Well I should get back to something productive now, will try to download the photos once more then I'm giving up. (tried & it still won't go) Also, if you want to read a book & understand what my life is sorta like, check out, Bill Bryson's book,
Notes from a Small Island, I'm on the second chapter but so far it's funny to realise all the things that "threw me off" when I first got here & that are now part of my daily vocab or lifestyle - lol, PLUS you can get it used for $0.98, how can you go wrong with that!?!?!


At 02 August, 2006 20:38, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sara - I'm sorry to read about the fire. We used to have a camp on Loon Lake right near Brandt and know Daby's store well. Where are you from?

Ellen Liptak (Andy's Mom, Martha's buddy)

At 03 August, 2006 01:14, Blogger Shannon said...

Neat story about the little guy staying up late!
As always, things are crazy busy here...had minor surgical procedure today and very busy helping Jake get some grant stuff out. I'm on a Taqman roll!
Eric's run to the store quickly, so I thought I'd check out the staining you emailed me about.
Bet you are thrilled to get that going!

At 03 August, 2006 19:25, Blogger PCS said...

Definitely take the job in London if you can. It's a good lab and you have plenty of time for a career in the USA.


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