Saturday, July 29

Cooler temps :)

So today wasn't as hot as it has been during the past few months, yeah! I get nervous saying that as I don't want to revisit those 95F+ days again, especially tomorrow as Amanda & I are taking Susan to Heathrow so she can get her flight home to the yoU-SA, as Dom would say ;) I'm still in shock that it is the end of July & that Sus is leaving! I know I'm going to be a mess, she's been my closest female friend these past 10 months & I don't know what I will do for the next month without her, well I sorta do, I'll be locked in my flat writing & re-writing my summer thesis, but I won't be able to look forward to curry nights or random walks around London, or our hour long phone calls to bitch about everything under the sun!

Okay, gotta stop thinking about that since I'm trying to get some of my intro re-written tonight! Just to recap my last few days:

Thursday - came home right after I got done in the lab & went to bed uber early

Friday - went to uni as normal, talked with my adviser about my introduction and materials & methods sections, did a bit of IHC (immunohistochemistry) this time staining for CD3 on my patient slides but found nothing - I think this antibody has gone off, but I did get my CD4 and CD8 staining to work, which made me super happy :) Had lunch with my mate Dave - we shared fish & chips with tons of malt vinegar - yummers! Went home around 4pm, straightened up the flat for Lou's cousin's arrival & got the bus to Angel to meet up with Amanda, Dom, Susan, and Katie for our "final farewell curry". A&D and I were there first, Katie came next & since Sus was still working on her paper we decided to go for drinks (inspired by a man handing out 2 for 1 tickets) so down Essex Street to The Warwick we went. Sus showed up around 7.15pm and we headed to the Marsala Zone for some curries. Let me just tell you they have fantastic deals at this place!! We paid £6 each & were all podged by the end, it was absolutely brilliant. After dinner Sus & I walked everyone to the tube & then went to The Angelic on Liverpool Street. We got our drinks & a few minutes later Rob showed up, got his half pint of lemonade & we chatted till we were all done, then he walked us to Kings Cross. Rob gave Susan a big hug goodbye & she walked home to Goodenough College, Rob & I chatted briefly about Mike's arrival & then he went to get a train while I walked up to the bus stop & grabbed the first bus that arrived, luckily it was a 46 so I only had to stand around for about 3 minutes, Friday night at Kings X is not a place you want to be standing around alone for extended periods of time. Got back to my flat & had a message from MissyLou who was at The Oxford with Jeremy, Alison & Elaine, so I popped down there to say hi. A&E are super friendly & have the greatest Scottish accents, I nowrealizee that Lou's accent has changed & become more "posh" (Londonish) since she's moved down here. We finally turned the lights off at 2am - we were just chatting away notrealizingg the time.

This morning we all woke up around 8.30am, had "a roll with slice" - who knows what that means? for breakfast & then we left the flat. I was headed to the post office to mail a letter & then to the other post office to pick up a parcel. Lou was headed into uni and along the way was going to drop the girls off on Oxford Street for a wee shoppin trip . . . can't wait to see what they come home with!

This afternoon/evening Amanda came up to KT & we made homemade chocolate chip cookies as a surprise for Susan's plane trip tomorrow, since we've now after 10 months discovered that "plain chocolate" over here is the same as semi sweet as in the states AND this time we had brown sugar (a key ingredient!)

Now I'm just about to get back to work on my paper but figured I'd take a quick break to update you all on my past few days since I know I've been a bit bad about posting.

Can you believe AUGUST 1st is next TUESDAY!?!??!?!?!?!


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