Thursday, July 27

390th post

What do you think of that?!??!?!

Darn lot of writing I've done in the past few months (10 to be exact) while I've been over here. So I've finally just been lucky enough to get a computer at uni to check my email, print a few papers for fun filled reading at home later & update my blog. Nothing too exciting to report I'm afraid :( Weather is the same, HOT, bus ride into uni was the same, crowded & HOT, uni is the same, HOT.

Got nachos & pasta salad for lunch today with Susan & Amanda at ULU's Duck & Dive Bar, not really good at all, but it filled the void at the mo. The guac tasted like sardines - bluck!

I've been reading The Pact by Jodi Picoult on the bus ride to and from uni for the past 2 weeks & I'm already on page 236, almost halfway through it - it's a quick easy read :)

Well I'm grasping at straws for things to tell you so I'd better stop here so you don't get uber bored with my ramblings.


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