Sunday, July 23

Susan's Goodbye BBQ Party

So of course it hasn't rained for over a month now, but doesn't it rain on the day we have a BBQ in Hampstead Heath planned out!??!?! Let's start off with the other important event that occurred yesterday, the opening of my Gunner's new stadium :)

Okay, back to the party, Dom, Amanda & I had done the shopping & cooking the night before (see post from Friday night). They also came over early on Saturday to help get everything just right for Susan's party.

Before the photos are shown, everyone needs to know a wee bit more about Susan. Susan is leaving us (LSHTM students) to go home to the USA to start medical school in mid August at Wash U in St Louis. She will be missed immensely by all of us! Susan is a great friend, one who you feel comfortable telling anything to. She's been one of my best friends during my past ten months here. From January till about April/May time, we would go every Friday evening for a curry at the place across the road from my flat. We'd walk in they'd seat us, give us the menus, we'd both look at all the options & then order 2 chicken kormas with 2 naan breads & tap waters, I think the waiters enjoyed giggling at us as we looked over the menu, since they knew full well we would be ordering the same thing as last Friday! Susan & I have had a ton of laughs together as well. We traveled to Spain & met 2 crazy old ladies, we sat in the back seat of the car on the way to Wales praying we'd survive the next corner, we flew to Toulouse to visit my sister, were all three of us giggled while eating our way through the city, we've spent evenings sitting in Haggen Daz eating waffles with ice cream & laughing over how to split the bill, attempting to make chocolate chip cookies w/o brown sugar or semisweet chocolate, and I think best of all we've gotten into absolute hysterics over nothing at all (trying to order baklava, split a bill, order lemonade at the pub) and had the hardest time trying to explain it all to Jim or Rob without laughing again, they never did understand us, but then again, I'm not sure what we were trying to tell them since to this day I don't know what we found so darn funny, but trust me it was hysterically funny at the time.

Well it's getting late here so I will get these photos uploaded & bugger off to bed. Here are Amanda & Dom getting the BBQ started: Here is the whole gang (minus Luci & me), watching the burgers cook, since it was too hot to wait inside my flat for it to be ready and it's a kids playground so we had to play on the swings!! (L to R - Sacha, Susan, Sarentha, Heather, Dave, Amanda, Dom, Jen, Sohel) Here we have (L to R) Susan, Dom, Sacha, Heather, Amanda, and Sohel enjoying the burgers, pasta salad, green salad, and veggies with ranch dressing. Notice the sun is sorta out at this point, just after we had all gotten situated inside. Susan, giving her "goodbye speech" and about to cut into the chocolate cake, which was just one of three desserts we had at the party. Jen brought apple pie & Sohel brought Bangladesh sweets, called gulab jamun (which were fantastic! reminded me of donuts covered in honey)
oh yeah, I got my hair cut on Friday night with Amanda, so here's the new look:
And that's all folks . . . Happy Monday to ya'll . . . tarra & cheerio ;)


At 24 July, 2006 00:14, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Susan sounds like a wonderful friend, hope you are able to stay in touch even if on different sides of the pond!

At 24 July, 2006 04:01, Blogger Shannon said...

Goodbye Susan!!!

At 24 July, 2006 07:04, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have loved reading about all the preparations for this fantastic party. And I MISSED meeting Susan. Well, I hope that someday . . . Congratulations, Sara, on organizing and doing this with all of your friends. How great to be a friend of yours!!! Love, MOMMIO

At 25 July, 2006 00:26, Blogger Andrew said...

I think that I met her right? Tell her best of luck!


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