Wednesday, August 2

a few of my staining photos

CD3 in brown & CD20 in red
CD3 is brown
Three FOXP3 cells - I FINALLY GOT IT TO WORK - YEAH!!! Course I totally changed the protocol I was given, but who cares, it works, plus I read a ton of papers on human FOXP3 staining and that's how I made up my protocol!!
Okay gotta go get the bus into uni now :) Happy Hump Day . . . Tarra


At 02 August, 2006 17:13, Anonymous Anonymous said...

congratulations on the staining. Victory!

tarra and tiddle pip to you too.

Love, Mommio

At 02 August, 2006 17:40, Blogger Sara said...

It's toodle pip :) but you were very very close!

Did I ever tell you what I use to think Tarra was?? I'll post it so everyone can read - it's funny!

At 03 August, 2006 01:11, Blogger Shannon said...

Hooray!!! Lovely.


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