Friday, July 21

Cool links & photos for Friday

There is a great video on Pete's blog, click here to see it - got those of us who were cooking tonight in absolute stiches!!

Amanda's friend from the US sent her
this link & it's a brilliant read as well. Shann you'll be happy to read that my Gunners' American comparison are your Soxs :)

And here are the photos from our cooking & prepping for Susan's Goodbye Party tomorrow afternoon - not to toot my own horn, but I sorta brought the idea up to all of our coursemates, most of whom were very willing to help, while others still have not gotten back to me! The main person who "tracked everyone down" was Sacha. Amanda & Dom were with me tonight for all the food prep work . . . wait till you see the photos, you can tell we're VERY hot & baking a cake no less! It was so hot that we went down to the pub for dinner - I bought quesadilla & nachos for all of us since they were so nice to help me with shopping, baking & organising this shin dig for Miss Susan.

dogs being trained to attack (yes, that's the kids' playground just outside my flat window :(

here is the dog owner, looking at a passer by who asks him to stop his dog from biting the kids swing (not the graffiti in the background)

Food prep, making chocolate cake & pasta salad

Amanda & Dom in the kitchen that might just be around 110F!! Note Amanda's nice "shirt" the cake has raspberries in it which you have to mash & since she was in a white shirt we tucked a kitchen towel into her shirt - lol

Susan LOVES cucumbers, so we made a tupperware of cucs just for her :)

Okay it won't let me upload any more photos, will try to get them on in a separate post later tonight or tomorrow.


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