Tuesday, July 25

I'm a "Gooner", what about you?

Gooner is the name given to Arsenal fans coming from the fact that they are the gunners. Here are some photos of their new stadium which opened this past Saturday. These top two are of the pitch during the day (left) and at night (right). The big photo is a comparison of Highbury (old smaller stadium) and the new Emirates Stadium just round the corner.

And for those of you who could careless about football, I've put two photos of the cutest member of my family, if you don't like football or dogs you're SOL today, sorry!


Oh I do have something semi interesting for people interested in science . . . I've finally found CD4 and CD8 Ab which work with 1mM EDTA pH 8.0 :) Serotec is the company I have to thank for that! I got both antibodies to work yesterday & today I'm going to try double staining with FOXP3, hopefully it will work (fingers crossed) b/c that's what my summer project is all about, if not I'm not sure what I will look at under the CCD microscope or what I will take photos of. Okay off to uni now, happy Tuesday,

Tarra & Toodle Pip


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