Friday, July 21

So I went to see The Break-Up last night, probably more so that I could cool off than any other reason, since I think the cinema is the only place in London that's air conditioned :)

It's a funny movie, not gonna win a grammy, but it kept everyone in the theatre laughing for the full hour plus it was on!

I think that any guy who is obsessed with watching sports on the telly should go and see it. It reminded me of a guy I know (MMW).

Tomorrow is Susan's goodbye party :( She leaves on 30 July to head back to Connecticut for about two weeks and then off to start her
MD/PhD program at Wash U. It will be a sad day in London for those of us who aren't leaving!

Okay gotta get back to the lab now . . . TGIF & hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!


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