Wednesday, July 26


So the temps are again up in the mid 30C (that's in the 90F), I cannot stress how annoying it is! When I say nothing has air conditioning, I really mean it, the bus ride was 38C (that's about 100F) and fans can only do so much to push hot air around. It's screwing up my sleeping b/c I spend most of my time tossing & turning, sweating, waking up thirsty, so when I finally wake up in the morning, I'm just as exhausted as I was when I first attempted to fall asleep :(

PLUS today I got my introduction back from my advisor who said, "A good attempt but lots of room for improvement, needs to be shorter & more direct with a tighter message, much is irrelevant" which made me feel like crap. I think it's the heat boiling my brain, but this really pissed me off. Well I'm off to get myself some dinner, preferably something cold!!

Happy Hump Day . . . Tarra!


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