Monday, August 14

Final Exams

Well it's official, I've passed my final exams, now I just have to turn in my thesis & I'll be done!! I know the thesis is a big part of the grade, but I'm not as worried about it since I am able to talk with my adviser about it & so far she's approved my introduction along with the materials & methods sections, so all I have to really worry about are results & discussion & I've got a little less than a week for that, so I should in theory be good to go . . . course this could be just one of the phases of denial, lol!

Hope everyone is having a happy Monday


At 20 August, 2006 17:02, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Sara! I never had any doubt that you would pass!

At 20 August, 2006 17:03, Anonymous Susan said...

Oops, that was from me =)...


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