Tuesday, August 8

Thanks to Lelan

So I took this post from an email I sent to a friend of mine who recently asked me, "What ever happened with Chas, do you stay in touch with him at all?" which I'm sure is a question many people have wondered but have been scared to ask, so here it is folks: (background is in blue for those of you who have no clue who Chas even is, lol)

Chas & I met at Norwich University in Sept 1997. We were both phone callers in the Admissions office - we called prospective students in the evenings to answer questions about NU. But before we met, Marlene & I had noticed a cute boy & his mate sitting on the other side of our Biology 101 class (come to find out later they apparently had noticed us as well, a quote from Tom I will never forget, "Chas turned to me & said I'll date her, just wait and see". After about the second week of working in admissions, I admitted to the lady who ran the place that I fancied him, so she ever so sneakily sat me in the corner & put an "out of order" sign on the phone he typically used, so that he'd have to sit next to me. We started chatting & one night ended up leaving around the same time. I remember it well b/c it was snowing out & we had to walk back up to the upper parade ground to our dorms, his dorm was 2 building over since he was in the corp of cadets. The group of us were all having a laugh, when all of the sudden I was tumbling down the embankment. When we landed at the bottom I realised that his mate Tom had pushed the two of us & buggered off back to his room. I think from that day forward we spent every day together, but I officially asked him out on my birthday (January 25, 1998).
Fast forward a few years to March 2000 just after our spring break trip to Washington DC, we got engaged. Fast forward again to the fall, he drove up from RI to my mom's new house in the Adirondacks for Thanksgiving and as we were trying to fall asleep that night he announced, "maybe we need a break" of course totally thrown off I asked "why?"to which he replied "I think before we get married you have some issues with your parents divorce that you need to deal with" All I remember after that is balling for hours on end, getting up the next morning, walking into the kitchen (acting like nothing was wrong) and having Tom, Mom & Patty stare at me, I had not realised my eyes were red & puffy from crying all night. We stayed in contact through Christmas, exchanged gifts for eachothers families, but after that it sorta went down hill fast. The last time I heard from him I was in Ithaca with my mom at Easter. I had just gotten off my crutches from my knee surgery & I was pushing a trolley (cart) around Wegmans. I nearly fell over when I figured out who it was. Still to this day I have no clue as to why he called, I have my thoughts (like he wanted closure on the whole thing before he could totally move on with his life), but he never gave a reason, and we have not spoken since.

So back to answering Lelan's question:
No, Chas & I don't stay in touch, BUT I stay in very close contact with his family. His family & I were so close I could not lose touch with them, we had been through too much together.

His older brother (Mike) has been like my older brother for nearly 8 years now (WOW long time!) Mike is currently in Afghanistan so we're closer to the same time zone than any of our friends or family back in the states, so we instant message on almost a daily basis and talk through Skype about once a week. He's actually coming to visit 2 weeks from today for 6 days.

Chas got married this past Sept to Terry, a girl who I've never met but I've heard a lot about & from what I hear, not many people in the family fancy. I feel really bad for him because from the stories I hear, he is not being true to himself. His wife won't really let him stay in touch with his rook buddies - which I guess isn't the end of the world, but at least in my mind, the past is part of who you are and you should never have to lose touch with it, unless you want to. Of course I'm sure these stories are slightly one sided since they come from his mom & brother, and it is probably hard to talk to me about it, but still, it's one thing if one family member doesn't like her, but if the majority are not too keen, then I start to wonder.

I guess I might have a different outlook than some others, but I feel that everyone we come in contact with has something to give us. At times it's hard to figure out what those things are that we learn from others, but none the less there was a reason for the interaction, however brief it might have been.

I am so happy with the way my life has turned out, there are too many things I've done that I doubt I would have been able to experience had I gotten married so young. Every now & again I wake up in a panic that we did get married & that I'm pregnant with our third child & that he's still driving the Mustang, and that he still has not graduated, and ALL of that just FREAKS me right out! Course I'm sure his mom is reading this now wishing it were true, ;) right RIMom?!??!!

I honestly hope that he is just as happy as I am as well!! So that's the not so short of the long :)

Time for me to sign off and get some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, Tarra!


At 08 August, 2006 23:33, Blogger Sara said...

For those of you who care (and I know it's not many, but mom will be interested even if nobody else is) my boy VanPersie scored one of the three goals for Arsenal tonight :) gotta love him!

At 11 August, 2006 17:01, Anonymous Anonymous said...

right on!!! mommio


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