Monday, August 7

Response to comment/question

Hi Ellen,

Wow, it is a small little world we live in, amazing that Andrew & I came all the way to London in order to find out that we have much in common back in the states :)

I was born in Yonkers, but went to school in Ardsley, my dad grew up in Dobbs Ferry (next town over from Ardsley) and they lived there till I was 20, then my parents retired to the Adirondacks & I was off at Norwich (spent one of my spring breaks moving my bedroom from W'chester to Adks). My parents divorced around November of 99.

My dad continues to live there, actually on East Shore Drive in the hamlet of Adirondack (on the east side of Schroon Lake). My mom is checking out the rest of the country. She started first by moving to Ithaca and after a cold snowy winter, she up and moved to Las Cruces NM, after two sweltering hot summers, she moved to Portland, OR (where she's been since Sept).

After leaving Norwich I moved to Saranac Lake, so I know Raquette as well! The Boy Scout camp in Brant Lake is owned by Westchester-Putnam council. I got involved in it b/c it's the camp my dad went to when he was a kid, then worked at when he was a teenager & one summer they took the risk & hired me. I have to say those were the best 4 summers of my life! Of course growing up with just one younger sister, I use to ask Santa for an older brother (not realising it would be rather difficult) so during my first summer in 1995 and still now a days, I'm in shock to have 10+ "brothers" who watch over me, but I LOVE them all dearly!! Here is the link to prove it!

Well my "life update" thus far is that I've had a job offer from a lab at the school I'm currently at, which I'm super stoked about, just waiting to see if my work permit will go through or not (being American is not a plus when trying to get a job in England these days, "why do you want a job here when the US has all the money for research") if that goes through, as I'm hoping it will, I will be home in the states for the month of October, in which case I will be sure to plan a trip over to the wick (Norwich University) to catch up with both you and Martha :)

Okay, I'm off to grab some dinner & watch a movie, my brain is mush after spending all day in the lab & then doing 2 hours of write up in the computer lab.

Cheerio :)
- Ra xx


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