Saturday, August 12

T minus 13 days

Well I'm now at uni attempting to get my results & some dissussion done, but for some reason others in the room (Public Health of course) are talking at normal voices & of course not about thesis related work, but rather about their children & holidays they've been taking since exams back in June . . . Heather & I are trying to remain calm, while Amanda is fuming b/c she's been trying to get into uni & has been dealing with public transport all morning - tube line was done, got a bus that is slower than molasses & now is on diversion b/c of road works . . . fun fun fun

So I just got a bottle of Coke Zero, my new drink obsession all of which is Heather's fault ;) funny how after being here for 11 months I'd basically stopped drinking cola sodas, but since this thesis writing has started I'm hooked again! Well back to the point of my story, when I went to open the bottle earlier I got a good giggle from reading the bottle top, "Coca-Cola Zero Open by Hand" as if I was going to try shoving it up my nose or something?!?!?

Okay, back to work now, tarra!


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