Monday, August 7

T minus 18 days

That's right, I've just got 18 days left to finish my lab work, write it all up, get it bound, and turn it in . . . yikes!! Which also means that Michael will be here in 15 days (yipee!) AND that Susan leaves for St Louis in about 24 hours (holy cow)

Well I'm almost on my way out the door, but I wanted to take this opportunity to wish MissyLou's boyfriend,
Jeremy a

Well that's all folks (did that sound like the looney tunes at all??) . . .


At 07 August, 2006 11:14, Blogger loulabelle said...

Jeremy says thank you very much. He has just had a wonderful breakfast in bed of strawberries and champagne, croissants, mango juice and chocolate milk!

At 07 August, 2006 13:26, Blogger Liz said...

Hope you are getting on with all that work. I always like your comments on my blog so I thought I'd return the favour and comment on yours. I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to meet you when we were down earlier in the year but I'm sure we'll catch up soon.
Meanwhile keep on doing the lab/writing stuff and hope you are also having a bit of fun.
By the way - I can just imagine you all dancing like oompa loompa's!

At 08 August, 2006 06:44, Anonymous Zee said...

So you write up the paper and get it bound and turn it in... and then what?? Are you there for another year? Headed back to the States? (If so, are you coming to Portland?? I hope to get to meet you sometime! :)

At 08 August, 2006 08:27, Blogger Sara said...

WELL, you're asking the BIG questions which I'm not totally sure of yet. After my thesis is finished, bound & handed in, I'm FREE, well so to speak. I'm here in London till 30 Sept, and have nothing offically planned during that time. My "brother" is coming for 6 days & we'll do the tourist thing here in Lodnon & maybe the outskirts, my pops is coming around 7 Sept & we're hoping to do some traveling.

After that I will be in the states at least for the month of October, but not sure I'll make it to Portland. If I move back to the states permenetly I will def make a trip, if not I might have to wait for my next holiday as I'll be busy going through my storage unit, picking up things I need to move back here to London.

Don't worrry I will keep ya posted, if I can get a cheap flight to P'land during Oct, I will be there for sure!!!


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