Sunday, August 13

Rangers v Sabres

So I'm in the computer lab at uni, not enjoying writing up my results, so I've been surfing the internet. Discovered that my favourite ice hockey team (NY Rangers) record for last season was 44-25-12 while Jim's fav team (Buffalo Sabres) which I knew were doing better b/c I've been having to hear all about it for the past few months was 51-24-6, luckily not too far off so the 2006-07 season could be interesting! I also found out that the Rangers will be in Buffalo on Oct 14th, so I will have to be sure to catch that game & hopefully send an email back to Mr Strother bragging (fingers crossed)!

Well I'm off to Dom's house with Amanda, we're making Mexican food tonight (YUM!) so I should get my arse in gear, save this thesis, print a copy to read at home & pack up my bag for the trek to Brixton . . . all the way down the Victoria line, yuckers :(



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