Tuesday, August 8

The 8th day of the 8th month

Back home, after getting kicked outta the computer lab at 99 Gower by a security guard who couldn't even speak English (WTH) - got frustrated by the abrupt stopping so I came straight home instead of moving back to Keppel (PLUS no guarantee that there would be seats free in those labs, hence why I was in 99 Gower to begin with!)

While in the computer lab I received a cool photo from my sis, originally sent to her by her mate Joel, who is currently living & working "somewhere in Germany" (to quote Patty) , followed a few minutes later by a funnier photo which was sent (or should I say made) by her coworker, Mike, who I've met & think is a super cool guy! So I've decided to post them since I seem to be on a role with posting photos these past few days, maybe it's because everything in the lab is falling part, so I spend more time on the computer looking for interesting things to share with you all (feel honoured!)

Oh crappy-crap-ola, blogger won't let me post them :( well hopefully the suspense will not kill you, I know it's hard to have to wait like this, but I will keep trying over the course of the evening.

Update: I was finally able to get the photos uploaded, so here they are for your viewing pleasure!
Photos #1: (from Joel)
Photo #2 (from Mike)


At 08 August, 2006 22:37, Blogger loulabelle said...

hehe. Like our beer!!!

YAY :)

Best of luck for tomorrow roomie, my fingers and toes are crossed. Will give you a call :)



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