Thursday, August 10

So what do you think about his/her prognosis?

Here is one of my 20 patient slides:
All photos at 40x unless otherwise noted
EBERS and FOXP3 are both nuclear stains

negative EBER stain (looking for EBV+ RNA) if positive you would see dark purple nuclear staining all over the tumour section
negative CD8 staining (if positive it would look more like the next photo)
positive CD4 staining
positive FOXP3 staining

FOXP3 staining (20x)

P.S. For those of you who emailed and called about the "craziness" here in London, rest assured I am fine! I am safe & not worried about being in London, there are crazies all over the globe, just so happens that world is focused on about 25 of them in the UK at the moment. Thanks for your concern, I will try my best to return phone calls tonight, but do not worry if I'm unable to reach you. Just be happy Mike's not coming to visit tomorrow as i'm sure Heathrow will be a bit of a mad house for the next few days, rescheduling all it's flights etc. Tarra xxoo


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