Wednesday, July 19

medical update

So touch wood the migraine is gone, sleep was all it needed :) Well I don't have much to report since I slept all day, so I'm gonna just head back to bed now & hope that the temp goes down a bit so I can sleep better, the hottest day in July for London ever (according to the radio earlier)


At 20 July, 2006 06:39, Anonymous Zee said...

Hey Sara - glad to hear the migraine has migrated!! (heh. I crack me up. ;) I get them occasionally - complete with the light-sensitivity, nausea and pounding all over. Ugh. Seriously no fun.

Drinking lots of water sometimes helps. Also, I've found that if I take a couple Excedrin right as the migraine is coming on, sometimes I can avoid it altogether. Doesn't always work but is usually worth a try!


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