Friday, August 4

A chocolate-caramel digestive to the winner

Why are the lights in public loo's blue????

On another note, I'm getting over my fear of needles & fainting when giving blood! I've now donated 150mL (3 separate pokes) of BCG negative blood, a much needed commodity in a country that up until this year vaccinated all it's residents. Just thought I'd let ya know that . . . can you tell my Friday was not so exciting. Hoping it will get better, I'm off to a BBQ in Kew Gardens at my mate, Meredith's house. We're all meeting up outside uni at 5.20pm, getting the Piccadilly line to South Kensington then Richmond branch of the District line to Kew Gardens. will try to remember my camera so I can show you later this weekend.



At 04 August, 2006 21:42, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blue lights so that drug addicts can't shoot up because they can't see their veins well enough in blue light; also blue light makes some people nauseous; so they want to exit quickly.

Love Mommio

At 05 August, 2006 06:54, Anonymous Zee said...

Wow, your mom is just full of little info-nuggets! And her dogs are cute too! :) I've got no idea why else they'd be blue...!

I have gotten over my aversion to needles lately too - in fact, I never used to look when the nurse would put in an IV and after the end of my second IV steroid treatment I sat there and watched him. No big deal! How 'bout them apples?! Considering the circumstances, though, I think I'd have rather kept my IV-aversion.


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