Wednesday, July 19

Well now I've gone and done it . . .

gone & gotten myself my first ever true migraine! We at least I think that's what it is, since I rarely ever get headaches, it might just be a bad one, but my mate told me if you become sensitive to light & have a stomachache it's probably a migraine, so that's what I'm going with since I can barely stand to open my eyes & I normally LOVE the sun and my poor tummy isn't feeling so great either. I was sorta joking that I was excited to have a migraine, since I didn't know what they were like, but man if this feeling keeps up I'm not gonna be a happy camper in about an hour or so :(

Woke up this morning, slight headache, jumped in the shower, eat breakfast & through it all I felt my head starting to pound more & more and became nauseous. I've been advised to take some Advil, close the curtains & go back to bed, so I think that's what I'm going to do . . . depending on how I feel later I'll post an update.


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