Monday, June 26

Shopping spree

Here are the clothes I bought this weekend - thanks to Aunt Helen R!!!!
linen trousers - ideal for work since we have no A/C
shirt to go with my black skirt
brown skirt (close up of design below)

Sorry the photos aren't so great, I'm knackered & not in the mood to retake & then copy onto here so you'll just have to deal with these, unless you're lucky enough to see me in person wearing one of them :)

Camp started (I heard from Anna) and she said the weathers been raining :( I still miss it! No Kris or Mo (JK & Travis are in charge with Pete advising), Pete arrived while we were chatting on AIM, Rog was up for the weekend, Keith's up for the week, Russ & Lanie are of course there! Steve & Ann were in the office & said hi to me via Anna's IM message :) Dan-o's got a real job as well, so not sure who all is in Buckskin this year.

Good day in the lab - looked for CD4, CD45Ro, and CD3 on 2 different tonsil sections . . . Light staining showed up, thinking my proteinase K is a wee bit outta date, so gonna try again tomorrow.

Wednesday we're going to the Microscience conference at the ExCeL center, put on by the Royal Microscopical Society - should be fun, fun fun!

Poor Aussies see here for how Italy beat them 1-0 (again thanks to a penalty shot!)

Switzerland v Ukraine is in extra time half time and still 0-0, possibly one of the worst WC games I've seen this year!!!


At 27 June, 2006 08:13, Blogger Sara said...

Ukraine won 3-0 on penalties, for those of you who care. So Friday night will be Ukraine v Italy and Saturday will be England v Portugal


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