Monday, June 19

One down

Well I'm done with the first of my two exams . . . Ugh I can't wait for this time tomorrow evening, of course I'm not sure I'll be conscious come tomorrow afternoon.

Today when the exam was over we (Ellie, Louise, Susan, Sacha & I) went over to Senate House to get something to eat. After that we made our way over to uni for our "class photo". Since Lou & I are in different courses I waited with Susan until her photo was done before we walked home. Was sorta nice to walk & attempt to clear our heads from the day.

On the way back we decided to stop at the Camden Tup (now stop thinking that, we didn't stop for a drink) we were looking for our mate Jade who has switched from my local to work there. As we turned down the road she was walking out :) We had a quick chat exchanged numbers & parted ways.

Tomorrow after the exam, we're all going to Regents Park for a cricket match (some of the Medical Parasitology kids challenged their lecturers to a match) & those of us who have NO clue about cricket will just be sitting on the side lines attempting to cheer and enjoying the sun.

Then in the evening some people are going on a boat trip (on the Thames). I missed getting tickets in time so I'm just going to meet them all for the after party around 11.30pm at Zoo Bar. So it should be good fun! It's open till 3.30am, wonder I can stay up that late?!?!? Anyone wanna make a bet?

My flatmate has guessed that everyone will be "bladdered" by the end of the night. I have nothing to do till 2pm on Wednesday and that's just safety training (like those silly videos that I've seen a million times before - so that should be cake)

Well I'm off to bed in wee bit . . . Will check in tomorrow if my brain is able to function.


At 20 June, 2006 06:20, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did some giant Adirondack black fly or other insect give you that bite. Wow. And you thought that you were safe in London--hah!

Love, MOmmio


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