Sunday, June 18

Bedtime :)

So here is a photo of one of my really bad bug bite, which luckily has stopped itching, but the one on my finger is still giving me grief (fingers crossed it is starting to mend & won't be a problem tomorrow) Here is the photo of our lovely Cottage Pie just out of the oven . . . Wow was it fantastic! Here is a photo of the complete meal (with fresh salad of course!) Tomorrow we're getting up at 7am, showering, making pancakes with REAL Vermont Maple Syrup (yummers), and then walking down to uni to take the dreaded exam. By the time most of you read this the first half day of exams will be all over. I'll post something tomorrow evening if I'm not coherent enough after the three hours of essay writing!

Toodle pip, tarra, & goodnight


At 20 June, 2006 06:19, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ooh, the cottage pie looks good enough to eat. Sorry I'll miss, mommio


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