Friday, June 23

Just found out

that my walk into uni in the morning is 2.4 miles long, way longer than I thought it was, but I guess it makes sense since the walk takes us about 45 minutes.

Finished my first official day of immunohistochemistry & not to brag, but it came out beautifully, well at least half of it did, the other half we're not sure what the problem is could be either enzyme sensitivity or tissue processing - neither of which have anything to do with me :)

So now I've got a heap load to read this weekend on EBV and I also have to look up NK cell Abs and see which would be best to order on Monday . . . fun stuff!

Tonight is dinner with Uncle Eric & his bro, who are touring around the UK for the next 5 weeks, now that's the life I tell ya!

Not sure what I'm gonna be up to this weekend, probably lots of reading & hopefully some relaxing I'm bloody knackered from the exams earlier in the week followed by starting straight in the lab.

TGIF, hope you all have a great weekend . . . Tarra


At 26 June, 2006 00:11, Blogger Sara said...

dinner with uncle eric was fantastic - his brother dave is really cool as well!


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