Friday, June 23

As previously predicted

The weather has gotten much cooler than before exams time, just as we feared . . . just wanted to give you that quick update, before Lou & I start out on our walk into uni.

Here is the update on the USA's not so great day yesterday at that World Cup.

Here is the Italy v Czech Republic match report

Here's the update on the favourite for the WC in their game yesterday against Japan

And finally here are the Aussie's holding strong in the WC in their match yesterday against Croatia

Ah yes, nearly forgot to tell my family, Uncle Eric (my Godfather) is here in London with his bro (from NZ) they're touring the UK for the next 5 weeks. He called a few minutes ago & we're gonna meet up tonight at 5.30pm :)

Okay, we're out the door now, Tarra


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