Sunday, June 18

18.09 dinner time for us

So I'm so exhausted from studying that I actually slammed my finger in between the front door & lock earlier when we came home from getting some potatoes for our cottage pie dinner we're having tonight - YUM!!!

Trying to stay calm for tomorrow's exams, we were going to watch the first half of Van Wilder while eating lunch, but next thing I knew the movie was over, so I guess we took a little extra long break then, but at this point what else can I truly be learning - I'm sure it's all in there, just a matter of if I can recall it tomorrow when needed (keep those fingers crossed while you sleep tonight b/c it will all be over by 1pm BST (8am EST) and do the same on Monday night as well please!!! . . . CHEERS MATE!

Well I'm off to try to catch a wee bit of the Australia v Brazil - GO AUSSIES!!!! Have to say that it's my heritage & all my mates at the pub are from there as well, they'd kill me to hear me say anything other than that!

Found this and I liked it so I decided to paste it here for all of you to read as well,


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