Wednesday, June 21

Last night

I had a hay fever attack yesterday evening, so I ended up doing bugger all & just grabbing Nando's on the way home, closed all the windows in my flat, watched a movie & went to bed early - which did help & I feel so much better today, so I'm sorry to have missed the big do that everyone went to, but not being able to breathe through my nose or see because my eyes were watering & itching really badly, just would not have been fun.

Lou got home at 3.30am & had a fantastic time with photos to show off :) We're gonna shower, go grab something to eat (since we have absolutely nothing in this flat to eat for breakfast) and then I'm off to safety training at uni.

Happy Hump Day . . . YEAH MY EXAMS ARE OVER!!!!!!!!! Quick little game: Who is this and where is (s)he?


At 21 June, 2006 13:55, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I give up. Who and where is it? Glad you're feeling better. Love, Mommio

At 22 June, 2006 17:01, Blogger Sara said...

HINT #1:

It's in Oregon

HINT #2:
Paula refers to him as "Hot Pete" as opposed to "Lab Pete" and "Dad Pete"

At 22 June, 2006 20:36, Blogger PCS said...

Where did you keep the little butane burner thingie? I can't find it. Bet someone 'borrowed' it.

At 22 June, 2006 21:02, Blogger Sara said...

It use to live in the cabinet where I always sat for time points (to the right of the sink) on the first shelf on the far right hand side

At 22 June, 2006 23:01, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, that must be Ciacci--in OR??? where in the world in my state???


At 23 June, 2006 07:54, Blogger Sara said...

I think he said Ashland, OR, course he also said not to tell you he was in OR & didn't visit, but he was about 4-5 hours away. He said it makes the Adks almost look sad it's so beautiful there.

At 23 June, 2006 15:03, Blogger Shannon said...

What was Pete doing out there? And I like that color of shirt, I wouldn't have imagined him wearing it. Jason I could have imagined wearing that, he's such a little style maven! LOL.

At 23 June, 2006 15:52, Blogger Sara said...

Pete went to visit his best friend from HS who lives out there & so he sent that photo - will send you (mom & paula) the full photo when I'm done here, just didn't want to post without him knowing, plus he was nervous mommio would be upset he didn't visit while out west.


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