Sunday, September 4

Another Photo update from Rwanda

 300 cupcakes + 300 sodas + 275 children = amazing day!
 Loving their cupcakes & Toucan straws thanks to Mies!!
 Ives, me and Alice
 The "gang" at Claudine's house
Itafari's country director, Christophe and Itafari president/co-founder Vicky

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At 04 September, 2011 21:29, Blogger mary o said...

looking fabulous, Vicky. The energy of your visit leaps from your photo--true of all of the photos, actually.

At 04 September, 2011 21:31, Blogger mary o said...

Yves and Alice-- hello from the US and Sara's Mom. Just love seeing you. Mom O

At 05 September, 2011 15:47, Blogger Patty Stiggins said...

GREAT PICS! Who made all those cupcakes?? they look delicious! Ives & Alice are SO cute


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