Monday, November 2

Overdue update

So it's been over a month since I last blogged, it's not that I'm giving up on the blog, it's just that I've been so busy with everything else that I've not had time to sit down & collect my thoughts for an entry.

Let's see since I last wrote, I went to the Volksfest in Stuttgart, Germany with fellow alumni of Norwich University, we had a guy from the class of '61 who lives in Germany now, two guys from '79 one lives in Germany & the other in England, one woman from '91 who is stationed in Germany, me from '01 obviously living in England, two guys from '03 who are stationed in Italy and a guy from '04 who's also stationed in Germany. It was an awesome weekend!

The weekend after that I was off to Athens, Greece. Another fantastic weekend full of sightseeing, sun bathing and hanging out with my good mate Louise. We were only there from Friday mid day to Sunday evening, but we crammed as much as we could in during that time!

Since then my weekends have been much calmer, as in no plane rides anywhere :) but other not so fun things have happened like ceiling leaks causing flooding in my flat and one of my mum's neighbours lost her battle with cancer the morning of Halloween, but as her step brother said, at least she's in a better place now.

Has anyone else kept to their new years resolution? Has anyone noticed that I've accomplished the goal I set? Yes, that's correct I've already been to 12 "new" countries this year (all by mid October I might add) and I've still got India to add to the list later this month.

So here is the list by month of my past travels:
  • January I went to Geneva, Switzerland (country #25)
  • February I was in US and Canada leaving no time for a "new" country to be added
  • March I went to Marrakesh, Morocco with my mum (country #26)
  • April I was in Ramstein, Germany for Easter & we took a day trip to Luxembourg (country #27)
  • May I went to Sofia, Bulgaria (country #28)
  • June I was sick & couldn't go to Poland :(
  • July I went to Copenhagen, Denmark (country #30) and Malmo, Sweden (country #31)
  • July/August I went to Budapest, Hungry (country #32)
  • August I went to Vienna, Austria (country #33) and Bratislava, Slovakia (country #34)
  • September I went to Helsinki, Finland (country #35) and Tallinn, Estonia (country #36)
  • October I went to Athens, Greece (country #37)
Future travels for the rest of this year (this is above & beyond my 12 new for my new years resolution):
  • November I will be going to India (country # 38)
  • December will probably be full of packing up my stuff, but dad will be visiting me & we'll go to Aberdeen, Scotland for Christmas to visit Louise's family.
I can't think of much else exciting to report about, if you're struggling for holiday gift ideas, always remember there are cool things like bricks & goats from the Itafari Foundation

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At 03 November, 2009 23:06, Anonymous DAD said...

welcome back to the blog....great report and nice update. love dad

At 04 November, 2009 11:29, Blogger Sara said...

thanks dad, I think you might be the only one checking it still - LOL


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