Monday, August 3

31st - Budapest, Hungary

So I made it to my 31st country of the world this past weekend, Hungary. Louise & I met up in Budapest for whirl wind sightseeing on Saturday & relaxing at the spa on Sunday - it was FABULOUS, I have to add this city to my top 10 list, I wonder how long that list is now, as I'm sure I've said that about more than 10 cities/countries :)

We took a hop on hop off bus on Saturday cause A) it was 35C & sunny B) I was getting over swine flu & still not 100% so wanted to take it easy C) the city is rather large D) the price was right and we got free boat tickets & discounts on meals. Looking back it was the perfect idea, we'd never have made it to half the places we did without public transport of some sort!here I am at the Széchenyi Thermal Bath - soooooooooo nice!here's Louise on our river cruise with the Parliament in the backgroundhere I am on top of Buda (hilly side of Budapest) looking out at the River Danube and the Parliament building here we are at Heroes Square

I can't believe in 2 weeks I'll be in Austria, just hope the flight there isn't as bad as the flight last night, cause it was VERY bumpy & anyone who knows how much I dislike flying will be happy they were not on the flight with me last night ;) well aside from Kaylie who loves to laugh at me when it gets bumpy & I totally freak out, yet attempt to make it look like I'm calm cool & collected, apparently I really gotta work on my calm/cool/collected face.

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At 07 August, 2009 13:31, Blogger mary o said...

In spite of the swine flue, you look pretty perky to me. So glad you found another great city! A travelin' gal, for sure. Love, Mommio

At 12 August, 2009 18:00, Anonymous dad said...

great report and so happy you got to Buda Pest....where East meets West!

love, dad


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