Friday, August 28

Coming soon to a Websters Dictionary near you!

So Rich (Aussie) & I have been using the word "fain" to mean lessening - like my energy is faining, but neither of us were sure it was an actual word, so yesterday I looked it up & learned something new - here is the convo Rich & I had a few minute ago online:

Sara: Hey, I learned today that the word, "feign" means to fabricate, "fain" means happily or gladly agree, "fane" is a city in PNG & also a river in Ireland, but our definition is not yet in the dictionary, but I've taught it to everyone at work & they promise to use it in the future :-) see ya tonight, xx

Rich: hahaha great! look at us... making up words! We should get our degree in Englishatology. The world would be a better place!

Sara: I agree - everyone at work just made fun of us cause of course we're not ENGLISH . . . I said obviously as we're more imaginative & fun!!

Rich: That's right! We're not burdened by traditional English thinking. Rigid and contradictory. Us 2 English 0

Sara: go us go us go us :) ok, gotta run back into the lab, see ya laters

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At 30 August, 2009 01:35, Anonymous love, dad said...

on the energy declining issue, you may mean "waning", as in diminishing or the waning of the moon's phases. just a thougth from this side of the pond


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