Monday, September 7

34th & 35th countries visited

I spent this past weekend in Helsinki, Finland and Tallinn, Estonia. Let me first off say that if you ever get the chance to visit Tallinn, you MUST do it. The old town is fantastic!!!

The day we arrived we went out to visit the island of Suomenlinna where we toured around checking out the cannons & fortresses and for dinner I had reindeer with mashed potatoes and linden berry sauce - YUMMY!
On Saturday we got up early & boarded the fast ferry to Estonia . . . note to self next time relax & enjoy the slow ferry as you get sea sick with 2 meter waves! Once off the boat needing to walk before we could eat lunch we checked out Fat Margaret's Tower (no I didn't make that name up)

After we had wondered around the old town for a bit, we were able to enjoy the sun in the Town Hall Square (see below), where we got some lunch before wandering off again for the afternoon.This photo is the famous, Three Sisters, aren't they just the coolest buildings - everything in the town is colourful, not surprisingly it reminded me of St Petersburg

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At 11 September, 2009 01:56, Anonymous dad said...

great pics....such fun to see.


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