Thursday, September 3

ATW in 156 days

I have just finished booking my around the world flights, leaving London on January 20, 2010 and returning back to London on June 25, 2010 . . . yes, that's correct I'll be back in America in time for July 4th, my favourite holiday!!

Here is a brief run down of my travels for those of you who are interested:
Jan 20 - leave London, England
Jan 21 - arrive Kigali, Rwanda
Jan 31 - leave Nairobi, Kenya on an overland adventure to Jo'burg, South Africa visiting Botswana, Malawi, Tanzania, and Zambia - getting to see things like Masai Mara Game Reserve, Serengeti National Mark, Zanzibar, Victoria Falls, and Kruger National Park
March 2 - arrive Sydney, Australia
April 12 - arrive Ports Moresby, Papua New Guinea
April 26 - arrive Christchurch, New Zealand
May 23 - arrive Santiago, Chile for an overland adventure to Rio, Brazil visiting Argentina and Uruguay
June 25 - arriving back in London, England - probably rather knackered ;)

For those counting this means I get to add 11 more countries to my list of places I've been around the world.

Well I will keep you all updated, but for now that's all I've got, off to Helsinki, Finland tomorrow for an apparently cold & rainy weekend . . . can't win them all right?

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At 05 September, 2009 14:44, Anonymous dad said...

great plan....have fun

At 07 September, 2009 13:18, Blogger Narender Kumar said...

Wine In India
nice post


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